Special 13l, lid, dyed with carrot tops

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With its 13 liters, the model special is perfect to take to work, school, small excursions and the like. Designed to be easy to put on and take off, and with as few loose straps as possible. The pocket on the outside is perfect to put small things in. The gloves, for example, for safety, in case it gets cold later in the evening, when you go home again.

This version has a lid (instead of a roll closure). Mostly because I like the looks of it.

The full picture of the bag shows the color the title indicated. I do my best to capture the right shade, but remember that how we experience plant-dyed fabric often varies in different lighting conditions. Other pictures can differ in colors (and other details).

The bag is waxed with a mixture of beeswax and stearin. It seals and fixes the fabric, is made of natural substances and contains no toxins. Note that the wax melts at just above 50C (122 ℉). Things you have in or in contact with the bag can soak it up. So do not leave the bag in a hot car, on a radiator, in direct sunlight on a hot day and so on.