Bestedreng is a small company that makes the most beautiful bags imaginable, from sustainable and durable materials such as leather and hemp. The impregnation with beeswax even makes them smell good! Each bag is handcrafted, in Bestedrengs workshop.

Bags can be made sustainable in several ways. Bestedreng covers in most. The bags are consistently made of natural materials, such as hemp fabric and leather. Hemp fiber, which is one of the strongest in the plant world, is grown in an environmentally friendly way without toxins and artificial fertilizers. The fabric is plant-dyed and then impregnated with fragrant beeswax. The environmentally certified leather is vegetable tanned in Sweden. The design is based on functionality and long-term use. The backpacks are really comfortable to carry. Buttons and buckles in metal last and work year after year and age nicely. Craftsmanship, shape and colors are timeless. In ten years, your Bestedreng will be more beautiful than today. The goal is for it to be inherited.