Shoulder bag SUPER, dyed with black beans

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A shoulder bag to bring everywhere. Large enough to hold what may be needed on a usual(or unusual) day, and with different compartments to create order, if that's what you want. The top lid, for example, has a pocket in it, along the back long side there is a compartment for the tablet and in the front, under the lid, it is possible to put small things that you want to easily access. The front is, by the way cunningliy folded, and can be unbuttoned for extra volume, to be able to pack more or just easier access something that has ended up far down. On the whole, a very nice bag that I carry with me very often.

If you are already familiar with my bags, you know that they are made of beautiful natural materials, such as hemp waxed with beeswax, natural tanned leather and metal. All to make them sdurable, sustainable and kind to us and nature (which is really the same thing, since we are all part of it, even if that is sometimes forgotten). 

The fabric is waxed with a mixture of beeswax and stearin. It seals and secures the bag, but note that the wax melts at just over 50 degrees. It does not run off the fabric, but things you have in your bag may soak it up. So do not leave the bag in a hot car, on a radiator, in the sauna, the oven and so on.

The full picture from the front shows the color in the title. I have tried to capture the color as best I could in the picture, but remember that the colors vary with light conditions and from bag to bag. 

Length, 25cm

Width, 11cm

Height, 23cm

Weight, about 850g