Project bag, medium, dyed with black beans

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A project bag to have yarn, knitting needles, markers and what you may now need for your knitting project. Dyed with black beans, which, strangely enough, with its purple-brown broth dyes fabric sky blue. After waxing, however, the whole thing turns nicely gray, sometimes with purple-pink shifts.

The bag is small and flexible when closed. If you unbutton the buttons, it opens up, a bit like an accordion (without the sound) and makes it easy to access whatever you need.

The fabric is waxed with a mixture of beeswax and stearin. It seals and secures the bag, but note that the wax melts at just over 50 degrees Celsius. It does not run off the fabric, but things you have in or near your bag can soak it up. So do not leave the bag in a hot car, on an element, in the sauna, the oven and so on.

Length, 30cm

Width, 17cm

Height, 26cm

Weight, about 600g